Sexposed Interview: Camerella

Posted by admin on May 07, 2012
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Getting Intimate With Camerella

Introduce yourself … who are you? What you do (model, cam girl, etc)?
Heya I’m Camerella, The Camgirl next door ;)


How did you get into web camming / internet modeling?
I’ve been doing webcam shows off n on since 2003, nearly a decade! I don’t really remember how it all started, I think I jokingly told someone to pay me and then he could see my cam, I was shy, thought that would throw him off… He paid and the rest is history lol.

Do you see yourself doing this on a long term basis or is this a stepping stone for you?
I didn’t think I would be doing it this long honestly, but why not? I "work" from home, meet awesome people and my animals think I talk to myself all night lol

What do you enjoy most about your online career?
That I really never have to wear pants.

What do you like lease about your online career?
I don’t own enough pants.  Really though, the misconceptions about girls in the industry gets me the most.

Tell Us a Little Known Fact About You.
I never got my drivers licence.

What is the biggest misconception people have about you?
That I must love anal because I’ve got a big booty, that I’m a porn star, oh and I MUST be promiscuous lol

In your opinion, what is the most difficult aspect of being an internet model / cam girl?
Just the ideas people get about you, it doesn’t phase me much, the people who assume are nothing more then pixels on a screen to me or ill informed people in general, but answering the same misguided questions all the time can be draining.

What makes you stand out from other online models / camgirls?
Oh I have no idea! Everyone is unique!

When you aren’t working online, what other things do you enjoy doing?
Oh my god I am addicted to stumble upon!! Other then that, i bake and cook a LOT and I raise chickens, Jersey Giants and Seramas hehe.  I’m going back to school in September as well so that’s going to keep me busy!

Does your family know what you do? If so, how did they react when they found out?
Some of them do.  I live in liberal Seattle though, nothing phases people here lol

If you could be any super hero / heroine, which one would you be and why?
I AM a super hero!! Jk, I have no idea, they all have bad ass costumes!

What has been your most embarassing online moment to date?
I fell off a chair once mid sexy dance, all I can really think of, I’m a dork I’m always doing something tarded.

If you had any advice for aspiring internet models, what would it be?
Do it cause you love it and ignore anyone who says other wise!  I know you don’t wanna let everyone blow smoke up your ass and get a big head, but don’t dwell on the negatives either, they’re nothing more then pixels on a screen my dear!

What pet peeves do you have?
"BB" Like seriously, this isn’t wheel of fortune, the vowels are free dude.

What is your favorite part of your body?
Hah honestly? I like my weird ass long toes. They freak people out.

Do you have any body mods or tattoos?  If so, tell us about them.
I’ve got a tattoo that represents why 17yr old’s shouldn’t be allowed in tattoo parlors lol…I’m fixing it soon.  Couldn’t justify getting more until I have fixed this one.

What were you like in high school?
I don’t know that I’ve changed much, I talk to everyone, tell dumb jokes, dont take myself seriously, I rock hoodies and jeans everywhere, and I am still very nocturnal.

What models in the industry do you admire most?
Oh god all of them!  Any woman who has the strength to balance her sanity and block out what the haters through at her is amazing to me.  Its not an easy job in many aspects and it takes a strong woman to make it work.

Do you have any secret talents?
I can catch wild animals fairly easily lol, Its so much fun camping I always befriend the wild life, I’m like snow white up in this bitch!

How important do you think social media is to online models?
When I first started camming, there was no such thing!  It was all behind closed doors you had to know where to go, but it was a hay day.  Its a lot harder to make a name for yourself now, so I guess its important, but I’m biased.  It freaks me out to be that open to the world lol, you really gotta censor yourself in a way because of it.  Its turned into a gimmick in a way and a competition almost, I don’t get it.  Far less intimate then it used to be.  But I try n use it cause fans do love keeping in touch and you can get lost in the shuffle now a days otherwise, and I do like keeping in touch too.

What is the most interesting / odd thing you have been asked to do by a fan?
The viking helmet lol ;) Jk… I don’t know, I’ve gotten really good at tuning things out that don’t interest me lol.

Are you straight? bi? lesbian? all the above?
I’m straight, but like I LOVE women hehe, been with a few girls before.  I don’t discriminate ;)

Tell us about your pets (include pics if you want!).
I’ve got a fat lil chihuahua named Honey she’s a year and a half, and Spike my hairless Chinese crested, he’s 3.  Ive also got cats and chickens running around here!

image (5) image (7)Picture 1534 santababy

When is the best time to catch you live on webcam (or give us a schedule)?
Life doesn’t let me make a schedule, as soon as I make one, shit happens and I’m exactly opposite! But generally it seems like late nights Wed. Thur. and Fri. are the most common times.

At what point does a fan become a stalker in your eyes?
When they steal your pictures for the better part of a decade pretending to be you. Or try and get personal info off of you that is completely irrelevant to there online experience.

Have you ever had to deal with a stalker / faker?  Tell us about it.
Oh my, where to begin.  I get fakers on the regular, run of the mill type that most girls get, they come and go quietly without much effort.  Then there is this crazy chick who as stated above is a psycho who’s been stalking me online for YEARS every online profile, every image, saved stored and screen capped, trying to make a buck off me.  The worst part is like her damn wish list, asking for Hanson and Nsync memorabilia and shit….ugh tarnish my name some other way jesus! lol. Oh speaking of the jesus, shes totally claiming in her "real life" shes this devout christian n shit.  Its sad really.  I think like she has serious mental problems.

Do you have a message you’d like to share with your fans?
What up?????  Thank you for the love yo!

What are your favorite foods?
I love sushi! and edibles hehe…. and all the fat kid foods ever!  I mostly eat pretty healthy though, I’m a veggie nut! Even as a child, I clearly remember every bday at my grandmas I would ask for more asparagus instead of cake lol I’m a weirdo.

Can you cook?  If so, what do you enjoy cooking most?
Fuck yeah!  Appetizers, I love making small food haha I’ve been super into that lately! But I grew up in a family full of chefs so I am pretty bad ass, I will totally brag on this front!

Do you collect anything? (i.e. Hello Kitty, Super Hero stuff, etc)
Black clothes and honey hairs lol….why do I still try and wear black??  No for cereals, um…I dunno, I cant think of anything really.

What do you wear when you are lounging around your house?
Hoodie n yoga pants, or sweat pants…tank top, basic lounge wear, I leave the house like this…I don’t give a fuck haha.

What are your favorite type of webcam shows to do?  (bath/shower theme, games, school girl, etc.)
I love doing lotion shows!  I refrain from even putting it on after the shower anymore if I’m camming that day cause I love ending the night all lotioned up and soft and smelling wonderful!

Share a pic or two of your webcam area / room and tell us about it.
Ok, Well its my bedroom.  I sleep here. Then you see me on cam!! I cant find any pics of just my room, its in the background of most my pics though lol.

Who are your favorite bands / musicians?
My tastes vary with my mood, but I love all music!  Im not like omg I know this tote’s obscure band and I’m a super fucking freak fan! So I hate when I say everything and people ask me shit I’ve never heard of haha.  But come hang in my cam room a few times and you’ll see what I mean, 90′s hip hop to old school rock to indie to alternative, I dont know all the genera’s they’re kinda opinion based anyhow I think.

Do you have any guilty pleasures?
I RARELY wear heels, even as a camgirl lol, but I fucking love them!!  I want more, I look at them online like every night.  and cheese, oh my god I love cheese.

If you could describe yourself in 3 words or less, what would they be?
Happy, optimistic, joyful

stamped_Picture 1241

Have you ever hurt yourself while on webcam? (i.e. candle wax burns, falling out of a chair, etc.)
I am so much more graceful on cam!  I hurt myself all the time off though.

What makes a women sexy?
Intelligence, humerous, owning her sexuality, and just being herself, and a smile!!!

What makes a man sexy?
Same as above haha, and you know taller then me hehe mmmmm

Have you been featured in any mainstream media?  (magazines, tv, music videos, etc.)
Nope, I’m so underground… one loves me :( j/k I’m awesome!

What can we expect from you in 2012? Any new projects?
Possibly ;) I got this Idea actually, kinda change up the basic solo site model idea…mix in a lil solo model club appeal, working it over in my head still, it seems legit though. We’ll see ;)

Do you enjoy shooting content? If so, do you prefer photos or videos?
I do! videos are so much easier! I mean its like hey tits in fucking motion over here!!!  But, photos are a lot of fun!!

How do you prepare yourself for a photo / video shoot?
Shower, hair, make up, clothes, lights, action.  There MAY be a few steps I’m forgetting like diet n exercise get a tan or something….

Have you shot content with other models? If so, who are your favorite models to shoot with?
I did in September at slut con haha, was so much fun!!!

Which model(s) would you like to shoot with in the future?
Hrmmmm, I dunno there is quite a few, I am uber shy though and can never think of fun ideas lol, I suck at my job!

Do you have a favorite photo set or video of yourself?  Link Us!
I’m happy with all of em ;)

Are your boobs real or fake? 

How do you feel about boob jobs and other plastic surgery?
I feel so boring that mine are real, and wish they were fake so the would fill out tiny tops better lol, they like spill out weird on the sides of things.

Where should a guy take you on a first date?
Dive bar, shoot some pool or play darts, I kill at 301 heh, um, have a few beers n chill, chat, maybe go to a park or something, I like being outdoors! Oh I know!! Fishing on the lake!!  That would be super fun!!

Ever had a one-night-stand?  Was it good or bad?
Had a few, one time dude wouldn’t leave my house, I had my old roomie pretend we were arguing so they guy would leave!! Oh vodka goggles lol, I’m happy I’m not 19 anymore haha

Mac or PC?
PC I guess.  I’ve never owned anything apple, not against it or anything I just don’t care about gadgets like at all, and apple is all about that, and more pricey, I cant justify it!  And then your even more tied to like social media, with the gadgets oh god….no no no!!!  Go outside people…..with nothing battery operated!

Do you consider yourself a nerd? Why or Why not?
I don’t know, people have such strong opinions on what terms mean to them and who can claim them lol.  I’m just me, Its the only label I know.

Dine In or Dine Out?
Either works for me! If I can find my pants.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink?
I don’t drink anymore, other then a glass of wine like once a month with my mom or something.  I do love Jameson though!

Do you enjoy sports?  Who are your favorite teams?
I’m a home team fan…and I hate Oklahoma. Thieves.

What are your goals for your modeling career?
Pay for school!!!  I used to toy with the idea of going further with it, but I’m to much of a hermit, I make enough to cover my bills n help out my family and that’s all I need.

Where is your favorite place to travel? Where do you want to travel to that you haven’t been to before?
I would absolutely love to travel more.  I wanna do those work trade things and travel all over the place!!!  Would be interesting I think.  I would also love to go to Norway and Ireland and just see where my lineage comes from!

Do you have any reality TV addictions?
I think its deplorable! I’m not denying the entertainment factor, but does society really need to be entertained by that? Is that the idea we want to convey?  We are all so distracted from the world, enveloped in fights, drunken debauchery, and trailer trash backwards inbred ignorance.  Teen mom, 16 and pregnant, and toddlers and tiaras, The housewives of where the fuck ever, sluts on a bus…REALLY???  lol Hate me for it but that’s how I feel.  I cant Imagine the values the next generation will have.  Once you really begin to think about it, its quite sad.  I uh mean… woo gtl time omg!  Seriously, enough watching the train wreck already…we are on that fucking train!

What was your favorite movie as a child?  What is your favorite movie now?
Natural born killers. Always.  I am in LOVE with Woody Harrelson

Do you have a favorite author? Favorite books?
I read so much! from books to internet articles to the news paper, I love reading!

If you could shop in only one store, what store would it be?
Amazon lol

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
I would love to meet Al. E!!!!! He was such a brilliant man! (Einstein btw)

Do boys smell?
There is that age were they learn about deodorant….a few weeks too late….hopefully after that lil spell, they don’t!


MOST IMPORTANTLY – What message do you have for your fans?
Ya’ll are awesome!!  Thank you for the continued support and love over the many many years!!!  Glad I can still help yah get your rocks off, one way or another ;)


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Webcam Girl Booty Call!

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We usually refer to Thursdays as “Thong Thursday”, however, I found some truly hot ass photos of some of the internet’s most popular webcam girls that didn’t necessarily have thongs, but I felt these bountiful booty babes deserved some love.


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Titty Tuesday Treats

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We are starting up a new feature in which we’ll be bringing you some super sexified babes not just from OnHerCam but from all over the internet and featuring their awesomeness.  And of course, we’ll take your suggestions for our new “Titty Tuesday Treats” each week.  Enjoy!


TattGoddess aka Jessica Wilde

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Sandy Ryan

Sandy Ryan is an adorable little minx who cams at MFC.  You can also find her sister, Scarlet Ryan, webcamming there as well.

She admits she likes to bedazzle anything she possibly can and enjoys playing tennis when she’s not online.

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The gorgeous Monique Desire has provided us with some exclusive self-shot cell phone photos.  Monique cams over at and is very popular for reasons I am sure you can see.


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